Chapter twelve

In God's name I'm saying to the American People, "You have a Queen that can make The Promised Thousand years of Peace begin, and in the other hand I'm saying to you American white people, that you could trigger the final countdown for all Human Kind."
Don't blame me. I am just the messenger, and as far as God told me, "We humans are at ten, as in ten, nine, eight… We humans as a species are in the final countdown, ready to begin extinction, and it is my duty in God's name to let you know that: The final countdown has already begun.
God said long ago, "I promised to all of you, long time ago, that I'll let you know if you were about to make a great mistake, but remember that I am bound by the same rules of life as you are, and I can only say it once, just because "One is No One.""
That is the rule that applies to you as a person, and it does apply to any nation as well, so listen America, God supposed to let you know if you have steered away from life, but only once.
Introducing in the name of God the spiritual concept of "One is No One"
This simple phrase represents a main spiritual rule in the spiritual world. As far as I know to the best of my knowledge God said to me, "If you made a mistake once, and only once, you can say that you have never committed that mistake." Is okay to say that, as long is not criminal, is not a lie, but if you do it again, you have done it twice. Remember that people who loves God they are above the law, not because they have money to buy whatever justice they want, is because they respect they law of the land better than anyone else, they don't lie, they don't steal, they don't kill, and they don't cheat on their taxes, because they love their nation. Like and American friend said to me, "If you love this country you have to pay your taxes. You have to keep the system running. Take care of the system, and the system will take care of you."
Example: If you tell a lie once, and never lie again, then you still can say, "I have never lie before." If you do lie again, at that moment you have said a lie twice, and you cannot say, "I have never lied in my life." This spiritual rule comes from an ancient time and it is one of the first lessons that God ever taught us.
The lesson of Monogamy:
Monogamists are the only ones that have survived in times of great danger, so all of us on the face of this Earth are descendants of these spirits, and as God told me, "Monogamy is what has saved humans from extinction many times in Human History, and because of that, Monogamy stand tall as a very important survival tool." A Monogamous person stands in a higher moral ground when it comes to God, because there was no cure for many diseases, and so many times monogamy was the commandment number one for those who wanted to follow life, and if you were not monogamous, most likely you would've died, most likely. Now God follows life as well, remember that. You can do whatever you want to, but if you want to survive, you better follow life.
God bless the quality of monogamy in a Human being and to be a Monogamist that human has to have had in its entire life nothing but one partner. God told me that a Monogamist person can say that they died pure in Spirit. One spirit that mated with only one partner is as pure as it was before it was sent here to Earth, and God bless that Spiritual quality. Remember, "One is No One."
How old we really are?
God told me, "You can measure how old is your body, but you can't count with years how old you are in spirit. If you had the right technology and the right knowledge, you could understand that for a rock to become a smart creature, it takes way longer than 13.6 billion years. 13.6 billion years is the amount of time scientists think the age of the Universe is." As far as God said to me, your spirit can survive the Big Crunch, The Big Expansion, and anything that this Universe can through at it. Your spirit is a true survivor, and it was borne in the heart of whatever was the beginning of the beginnings, as in more than one beginning.
God said, "For you to understand how old your spirit is, the best example I can be find, is comparing you to a rock, and that rock eventually through the ages became aware of its own existence, and in your case, finally became to be what you are now." It is a long road to became self aware, especially when at the very beginning, we all have been nothing but a little spec of rock, a little thing even smaller than a particle. How can a rock become an intelligent being? Evolution happens and humans are the proof of that. Evolution happens to everything including God. God is not the same God that God was not even a hundred years ago.
Where are we?
Let me tell you where God told me we humans really are. God said, "That's why my name means "The One Without a Name," because, I don't even know where I came from. From the moment when I was a rock to the moment when I gain my consciousness, I don't know how much time passed up to that moment, and what I was before I was born, I can only imagine. Through the ages I have followed the same path that you are following right now, with the only difference that I started walking that path way before you did, way before. That's why I can understand sort of where you are right now in the scale of evolution, and you are barely entering existence."
God said to me, "This place where you are is The Garden of Eden. Earth is an oasis in the middle of a desert, Earth is Paradise, at least it was, and I wish it will be again, and it should be."
From those words I can say, "We are in Heaven, we are part of God, God is part of the Universe and we are in God's territory. Here God is the Alpha that rules this land; at the end God is the ultimate Alpha, and God does not force anyone to follow God, that is your decision, and there is where the rule of Free Agency is born. You are free to follow life or not. That's why the question has been always the same, "Are you with God or not? Are you smart enough to follow life?" in other words, "Do you want to survive or not?" and you know the rest.
No human is even significant enough to challenge God. God is so big that if you were to look at him face to face, it will be something like looking at the ground. God is something so big that for any of us it doesn't matter in what direction we look, we will not be able to see the end of God or the entire shape of God. We are not the only thing alive and intelligent in this Universe, the biggest or the smartest. We are so different one to another, but still part of the same thing, and born in the heart of what we call today Universe.
Even the word Universe has evolved, the word Universe is still the same word, but the meaning of it has changed radically, especially in recent years. With that in mind you can say that even words evolve.
God told me, "You are for me like the Skin Flora that lives on your skin, and those microorganisms that live on your skin, hopefully they are good for you, because if they are bad, you will have no choice, but to choose between them or you."
As I explained before the quote, "When a human can call himself a human? As far as I know applying the rule, "Spirit over Matter" God told me, "If you are a women you are born in spirit at the minimum age of thirty, and if you are a male you are born at the minimum age of forty, and both of you can serve God at the minimum spiritual ages of five-years old." At those ages in God's eyes you become a human; at those ages is when you are born in spirit in front of God, before that, you are still just a mammal in the University of Life trying to graduate as a human being.
In my understanding This Bible is the old story of the Father and the Son, but now we know that in Bible-terms is the same to say he or she, and actually more accurate is to say the Story of a Mother and her Daughter, because as we know now, a woman is more than what a man is in God's eyes. Remember that when it comes to your spirit gender does not matter. Your spirit is the essence of what you are as a person, but for those who have a serious problem trying to understand what the spirit is: Your spirit is a very special particle that has a great density, and because of that it can hold tremendous amounts of information, and in a way is a seed of life that can express itself in many ways. Every life you see here on Earth comes from the same seeds, and it is very smart, and when that little seed becomes one with life, miracles happen.
God told me when the time comes for you to speak in my name, you will know very well the answer to this question, "Does the United States of America have a true Democracy or not?"
In order for you to measure a democracy you need to know what democracy is in the first place, and when the time comes, "You'll know Daniel, you'll know."
Now I can say that Democracy is a 100% transparent system, and democracy has develop as a consequence of following two spiritual rules: Do not lie and do not kill. That is the beginning of democracy.
When humans create a system based in these two spiritual concepts, they created the best and most profitable system of all.
Maybe the democracy that you have in place today was a good democracy in the nineteen hundreds, but now you can see clearly that the system has became corrupt and obsolete. A democracy of today needs to be a very smart democracy, a democracy based on freedom, truth, transparency, and with Justice for All.
It is time to begin the most beautiful age in human history and we can get there.
What do I mean with a smart democracy? What I mean with that is the fact that you cannot be in charge of a nation, just because you have money or because you are very likeable. A Smart Democracy must take into consideration Knowledge and Intelligence.
To give you an example: It is not possible that you put in charge of the environment someone that think that the Earth was created six thousand years ago, and it does have an IQ of 80. That would be a dumb Democracy, and dumb goes extinct.
Remember in front of God there is no difference of gender at all. In God's eyes there is only born and unborn Spirits, good and not so good Spirits, but all spirits none the less.
God said, "I am a God for you, because you are born in my hands, and you die in my arms. For you I am the beginning and the end."
In the years after my forty-fifth birthday, about that time, I started to understand that I have been alive before, and not only on this Earth. This Earth is not the only place where one spirit can be. After my forty-fifth birthday I started to understand that many of the dreams and visions I had on those dreams were just memories of past lives, and those past lives memories can only be unlocked by God. I have memories of my past lives, like the time when I see myself dying of exhaustion while working by the side of another two men. We were working side to side carving rock with another rock, day after day from dusk to dawn. Carving a rock with another rock was one life of mine, long time ago. One that life all I did was nothing but hitting one stone with another stone, to the desired shape of my masters. That was all I did in that life nothing but hit a rock with another rock. That life really sucked! It sucked so bad that even if I didn't want to remember it, that memory is still embedded in my spirit like it or not. On that life of mine, there was nothing I could do. I was chained to my uncles, and I was born with chains to my uncles, and my life was imposed and enforced by royal guards. That is where I was put as a child, and where I died when I was a man. I died as an old man, and at the time I was not even thirty-years old, and I was one of the oldest among my pierce.
One of my lives I remember was a time where I have found a shiny stone in a river, and I wanted to know how shiny that stone really was, because a little side of the rock it really shined bright. For years on end I polished that rock I found. Every single spare time I had, I polished my stone with my saliva, a piece of leather, the finest powder I could find, and ashes. For years I polished that stone, and that stone was supposed to be a present for the woman I loved at the time. As far as I remember I was having a good and happy life. I even remember that she was tall, svelte, well fit, and with curly long hair. We were so in love, so happy to be by each other side, and there was no other place we would rather be. Then I see in front of me a mob of six men. Leading the pack was a big male. We knew each other and he asked me to give him the stone, this very shiny stone I had by now, but I refused. He told me that the rock I have found was a magic rock, and because I was in his territory that rock belongs to him. I remember being such a caveman at the time. This idiot gave me the chance to give him the rock, and walk away with my bride and my pride, but I refused. Because of that they attacked me, and I lost badly in a very unfair fight. I remember trying to escape the mob getting in the waters of a very wide river, and as they stop running after me, I stop exhausted, and with the waters over my waist I realized as the waters turned red that I was badly injured. I realized that I have been stabbed multiple times, and I was starting to feel the pain as I was losing my strength. Life was getting away from me, and I saw myself losing consciousness, and fading away under the waters. I lost that life just for my foolish pride, and who knows what happened to my beloved girl.
At the time I had this memories, I thought they were just weird dreams, but with the time I have come to understand that one of the things that God was telling me was, "You in Spirit can live for an eternity." As far as I know now if that is true, in Physics must be a formula that can confirm that. This planet Earth is God's House. God put us here and each and every single thing alive in this planet is here in spirit first, then some of them get the chance to be, and we humans are among those lucky ones.
God cannot interfere but he has tricked our odds of survival, and that is not much, but we wouldn't be here if it wasn't because of that.
This planet Earth is God's Hose. Don't be like the Cat that thinks that he allows you to be in his territory and that you belong to him.
God does not need you, and listen please why I think you need to hear what God is, at least a version not so difficult to understand of God: This is the God I met here on Earth, and this living creature cares about what happens to you here on Earth. God wants humans to live and enjoy this short term stay here on Earth, and science is God giving us the tools to do so. God is giving us the answers trying to communicate with us, and giving us knowledge that is so big, that no one human mind can hold all the knowledge that there is to know. God said to me, "In one thousand years you will know better what I am, but I don't think the way things are going right now, that you are going to make it there, and the worse of all is that as things stand right now, even if you could I will not allow it."
Is known that when free people work together for a common cause, seems like you are witnessing miracles happening. Free man working together is the most productive and profitable system ever seen by mankind, and regardless of the name you want to call it. Is known that when this happens is when the arts flourish the most, and humans are the happiest.
Since that dream I had when I was twenty seven years old, more than twenty years has passed, and I finally have the answer to the question if America does have a true democracy or not, and my answer definitely is "No!" My honest answer is "No!" After twenty years studying the English language and the American culture, I can say categorically: No, the United States of America is not a Democracy, at least not a democracy as in one Nation under God. To understand that you have to go basics, and that reminds me that in the pledge of allegiance the word God should not be there, because of the separation of State and Religion the word God does not belong there. In God's name I can tell you that a true democracy leaves God aside, because one you have a true nation even religions is irrelevant, and as well out of respect for the atheist a true democratic nation leaves God aside. That comes from the spiritual rule of Free Agency or free will. That basic law of existence was actually was given to you by life itself, and respected even by God.
You are free to believe in God or not, as long as you are a law abiding citizen doesn't matter what you decide to be in spirit. Do not Judge. Otherwise you became something no better that those who prosecute people, just because they have a different believes or a different color. That leads me to the fact why God has chosen Salt Lake City to drop the news, and it is because Mormon people supposed to be people able to understand what is like to be persecuted just because you see things from a different point of view. Even if for some people like David Cameron Salt Lake is in the middle of nowhere, still part of the U.S. No man can hold the absolute truth, and even though if that was the case, that would be very good for that person, but completely oblivious for the rest of us. What is important, is to have the opportunity to die from old age, and not because you were assassinated just because like Tamir Rice.
And going back to the question does America have a democracy or not. Honestly to talk about what you have instead, I consider that a waste of time. Like I do remember what a true democracy is, I can tell you that today, you have everything that you need to have a true democracy, and you could call democracy, a democracy of the Third Millennia. That new democracy must be a Smarter Democracy, because the democracy you have now is dumb, and it has became obsolete. If you want to leave a legacy to your posterity worth something, leave them the gift of a true democracy. Only a true democracy can withstand the test of time, and will assure the survival of this Nation, for at least the next thousand years.
There is many ways to achieve that objective, and here in this Bible you will find one way to achieve that. My example is really simple to understand, and as God said to me, "If you can count up to ten, you can understand what democracy is and what God is."
When you get to the point of details it gets really complicated, but in God's name let me tell you how it begins. Let me tell you the first step that you need to take for you to understand what democracy is, and what it is the first step that you have to take for that to happen. In God's name I can tell you that you take that step now or you missed the boat forever. There is a reason why the living God is the God of today.
God is the God of today, and today a true democracy-meaning a system that works for the majority of the people not just for a few-it begins with two things, one is having a voting system of the third millennia, and the other is to enable a true leader that can take you there. A true leader is someone from the people, for the people, willing to give her or his life for this nation if necessary, because as things are, right now those leading the show, they didn't get there following the rules, and know that they are willing to kill anybody that gets on their way, actually they are already killing and persecuting those who have tried to bring about democracy again. You as a nation need to reinstate democracy. The patriotic act is the biggest amendment to the constitution ever, and it was done in a very unconstitutional way. And there is where the question begins: Who is there to defend the Constitution of the United States of America? The Patriot Act is the biggest assault to the People since the creation of this great nation. The Patriot Act is a direct assault to the bill of rights. And don't make me start with Citizens United.
The first thing you need to accomplish to have a Smarter Democracy, a democracy of the third millennia, is to start with a new nationwide modern voting system, because the one you have now under Third Millennia standards is completely obsolete. A Third Millennia voting system is a true anonymous and transparent system, a system that assures you that your vote did count, and you should be able to see your vote, and how it was counted.
Today to implement a better voting system is more than possible, and chipper to run than the existing voting system that you have in place today. Out of many ways that you can achieve that objective I'll give you one example, and I call this system The Random Voting System.
This system is an anonymous system, meaning that nobody but you know what you ever voted for, but at the same time, you will have a receipt of what you voted for, and you will be able to find a copy of that vote, and how it was counted in the final Official Publication of the counting of the votes. That Official Final Count of the votes needs to be published in paper. Your local News Paper should be able to publish that, and mainly just to maintain running at least on newspaper on each state, and that way you could see with your own eyes how your vote was counted.
Is called the Random Number Voting system, because the vote and the copy of what you voted for must have a random number in it instead of your name, and address like a vote by mail. Every vote must have a number like the one on a credit card. Four sets of four numbers and your copy will be printed in a very special paper provided by the Federal Government. That special paper must be as hard to counter fit as a hundred dollar bill.
The next day after you vote, you will be able to find that number published on your local newspaper, along with every other vote that has been casted, and there you should be able to see how your vote was counted.
That is a system of the third millennia, a system that I have been thinking about it for the last twenty years, and for sure, I am not the smartest guy out there, but I am no fool either, and I can defend the reliability of this system against any flaws, and against anybody, anytime, and any day you want me too. Let me give you an example: This is what it could look like the publication on your local newspaper, and remember that you have a copy on your hands of your vote, and you just found the page where your random number is. Your number is the one highlighted on blue, and they must match.
Random Number For President For Governor Total Votes
0021 2153 8458 5821 Hillary Clinton Mike Weinholtz xxxxxxxx
0021 3251 8565 2512 Hillary Clinton Mike Weinholtz your vote! Amen.
The total number of votes for every candidate must be in the same line and increasing one by one as they are being counted, and at the end of the publication you should see the final totals.
For America to call whatever system they have in place a democratic system, that voting system must be transparent. Right now none of the voting system in all the states, none of them gives you a copy, and a way to verify what you voted for. The rule here is just like the treaty with Russia about Nuclear Weapons Trust but Verify.
In a third millennia voting system every American that can legally vote must be able to vote with no other objection, and whenever they want too if they want to. As long as the polls are open you should be able to vote, even if you decide to vote four minutes before the polling center was about to close. Registration required to vote, are you kidding me?
I don't like to criticize a system without showing you that there is a better way to do it. Imagine a voting system of the Third Millennia.
In a Third Millennia voting system everybody is already registered to vote automatically, as long as you are lawfully allowed to vote, and of course no Gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is straight out illegal and unconstitutional.
The period for voting should be a minimum period of 4 days. Two week days, and two weekend days, and at the time of the closing of the polls, 4 minutes after the polls were closed you will be able to know the results. Not the official results, but you will know the results that fast. The official results will be published in your local news paper the next day, and you will have a receipt with a Random number in it, where it says clearly who you voted for, and the next day on the list of every single vote receipts that have been published in the local newspaper, you will be able to see your vote, and if there is any incongruence or difference you will have four days to contest the results, and after four more days the results will became Officially Ratified.
Your vote must be anonymous.
Right now they even have your name and address, and even your signature on it when you vote by mail. Right now I can say that those in the Republican Party are more than forced to vote republican, otherwise you know what happens to a republican that even dares to be seen in public by the side of a democrat, right? Imagine what would happen to a republican that doesn't vote republican. Even if that republican doesn't want to vote republican in the way the system works today, that republican can't, and its being forced to vote certain way, is like taking someone hostage.
There, in the written copy of your local newspaper, it will be the place where you can make sure that your vote was properly counted.
Little example:
Random Number For President For Governor
0021 2153 8458 5821 Hillary Clinton Mike Weinholtz your vote! Amen.
0021 3251 8565 2512 Hillary Clinton Mike Weinholtz your vote! Amen.
0022 4251 8564 5896 Hillary Clinton Mike Weinholtz
0024 5214 5266 9658 Hillary Clinton Mike Weinholtz
This is a sample of what you should see in your local newspaper the next day after the polls are closed, and you should have a printed receipt of your vote, and your vote should have only one identification on it, and that is the Random Number to your left, like the ones you can see on the little sample above, simple as that. Other ways to vote will be using an app on your smart phone, but still they will give you a receipt. I would love to see an app from your Federal Government in which, you could vote through your smart phone, and you should get an encrypted picture as a receipt, a picture that you can print if you want to. So you can vote from your dying bed if you want to, and that is an anonymous and transparent system.
The voting system is the backbone of a true Democracy, and it needs to be held to the highest standards possible. A voting system needs to be upgraded every year at least. Registering everybody to vote, and registering all future voters as well is the responsibility of the government. If you were to have a National Voting Ark in charge of keeping record of everyone who can vote, and future voters as well, you wouldn't need to have a census every now and then. That alone could save you millions, and that way you will avoid the Gerrymandering.
Having a real voting system will save you millions and millions of dollars, and remember that transparency is the only way to move forward. In God's name stop the corruption.
For me, after all this years, I can say that I don't know much about the "Absolute Truth of where I'm in this society. Honestly I have not a clue. I am just a peasant, and I am fine with that. I don't have all the answers to every question out there, but being by the side of the living God, and knowing what God does mean with the question: Are you with me? I have the duty to say publicly that I am against things like the assassination of Tamir Rice, and the assassination of thousands of others that have died just like that. Remember that I was almost killed by the police of this country, just like one more of them. This kind of situations have to stop, they must stop, and is my duty in front of God to do something about it, otherwise I am being one of those involved in the assassination of Tamir Rice, and thousands of others just like him. I have to say publicly as a person who believes in God and Democracy, that I am against public unconstitutional executions. Everybody involved in those crimes must be brought to justice, if you want to call The United States of America a democratic nation. The pathetic thing for me is that as a modern slave here in the U.S. and not having money, and having not even civil rights, the only thing I can do is cry, crying about it is all I can do, and that is precisely what I am doing writing this Modern Time Bible. Crying out loud the pain and sorrow that Fascism brings wherever bad politicians are elected by good people that don't vote.
Here in the U.S. as a Slave that I know I am, and I have been, I can tell you that in flesh I am nothing but a schmuck, but in Spirit, I am one of those who have gotten close to God here on Earth. Here on Earth I have been nothing but a Slave, a slave that lives in terror here in the United States of America, because I know that in this country I or my child can be executed just because. At least I can say that I am thankful that I don't have to drink water poisoned with lead, and I have to be thankful that my child is not Tamir Rice.
On my part I have followed the rules, and to this country I have given all I ever had, and that was, emphasis in the word "Was" and that was my back. I have worked hard for this country mainly because God told me to do so, and because working with your own hands is a way to show your love to the living God. To work with your hands is part of the path if you want to serve God. To live a life of honesty and dignity for those who really love God is a must, and those who love God they take the last chair, and I am here to serve you one more time. Because I have walked that path I can say to you that I have given you already one life, and here I am ready to give you my life again, if that is necessary to speak to you in God's name. In God's name I have giving to this country everything I ever had, and is hard to accept that assassins here in America get a better life, and better benefits than an honest man that work hard with his hands. There is absolute prove that working in construction is more dangerous than the job of a police officer, and no construction worker has ever got a medal for doing their job. I hear cowards on TV wearing the uniform of a man saying, "I have to say goodbye to my wife, every morning not knowing if I am going to be back for dinner that day." I will tell them man up you coward! Fishermen of Alaskan crab they wouldn't even take a medal for doing their job, and one of them dies every week during the season. Hard working people like me in this country not even have a way to have a house or a way to raise a family, and every time they get the short side of the stick.
My "Li'l" my daughter Stephanie, she went to school to one of those school with an "F" as school rating. I taught her how to multiply, and how to do fractions in one summer, but she could not learn that in eight years going to her "F" rated school. I feel sorry for her sometimes, and like I heard someone say once on that school "To be a "spic" she doesn't need any education." In my books on that "F" rated school, they were quick to say that she was, "Special needs kid. Because of her "Mother"" That way the school receives more money, and because the more special needs kids the school had, the more money the school received. There is no bias there right?
By now you know my testimony and what I believe. I believe that you are in God's House, and because of God's will, what we do with our will is our decision, and it is up to us what we do with it while it last, until we want it to last. There are certain Universal Rules and Realities that you need to respect being part of this life, Universal Rules like:
The will of God is that you die old and that's why we say "Do not kill."
The will of life is that you die from old age, and any other alternative or deviation of that is an accident that shouldn't have happened.
We know very well by now how imperfect this Universe really is, and it has nothing to do with the old view that in the Heavens you could find Peace forever, because the Universe was a very peaceful place, and you could see it every night and feel the peace of the heavens above. Now we know by science that is the opposite, Heavens above are not that peaceful at all, there is a war out there, and here on Earth we find refuge from this burning or freezing hell. We are just at the right distance from a burning fire and here on Earth we found Heaven; here we found Eden, and here on Earth we found the way to exist.
Earth is all we have and it belongs to all of us, including the Animals, and every single living thing there is. If you say that a human own the Earth, a human is a mammal so you can say, Earth belongs to a mammal. In God's name I tell you this, "Here on Earth at least all mammals should have some sort of minimal rights. At least the mammals, because they are our own specie, and they should have some rights, at least some minimum Mammal Rights, but first please, find the way to respect the rights of animals like myself.
The more you dig into details the more complicated it gets, but it all start with having a Private and Transparent voting system, and electing Mrs. Hillary Clinton as President, and the rest will follow. In God's name let me tell you that there is a better way to move us all forward into the future. To find the way to move forward look at Generals MacArthur's last address to the congress, and you will find that he was against monopolies and so forth. For some reason unknown to me General MacArthur and General Paton must be included in the message. Up to this day I have not studied anything about them, so after the release of this book, I will definitely try to find out what they really stand for. I want to find out why God included them into this very spiritual message.
For one spirit to become alive it needs to be awaken, and that takes a long time because since conception you are going through time very fast, as if you were in a trip from the past to the future in a Natural Made Time Machine, from a single cell, to a plant, to a fish, to a reptile, and then finally you become a mammal. Finally when you get to the present you are born, but you still are not here in spirit. You really arrive here when you get your first memory, there is when your spirit is born, then you become a woman or a man in Spirit, and then at thirty or forty-year old God recognize you as a Human being, and only then. If you never understood what the words, "And the Lord call me Lord" in the Bible, let me clarify what they really mean. They should say in the Bible, "When God referred to me as equal." Those words refer to the moment when God finally recognize you as a human, before you were just a mammal. God talks to you in the most democratic way possible, and that is talking to you as equal, and that is what a vote in a democracy represents, one spirit one vote.
That moment is a moment comparable to seating at your Mother's table after you as a woman has became a grandmother yourself, there is a mother and a daughter seated at the table, but both of them are equals. Let's forget about gender when it comes to God shall we?
Now you know that in my believes God is alive and freakishly close to you, God is being your opposition for most of your life, and teaching you to be or reminding you what you are in spirit. God will be there until you wake up, and you can see it all with your own eyes, happening on yourself, and finally you can walk on your own two feet. When you can finally say I know who I am, that is the time when you take possession of your body, and you rule yourself till the end of times again. When finally know who you are that is the time where your life really begins. Your life begins when two become one. Life is beautiful, and in God's name I wish you a good life, and I wish that God bless you.
The only way to be aware of what life is it is by experiencing life as it is, and when you became a mature person, and let me remind you something very important, it doesn't matter how mature you think you are, in front of God you are born at thirty-years old as a woman, and forty-years old if you are a male, but never before. A mature person in spirit is when you recover the balance between your Father and you Son or Mother and Daughter once again. Now you know your Spirit has no male, no female, and as you know now, "And everything in between." In spirit your gender doesn't matter, and you know the rule, "Spirit over Matter." What you are in spirit is what really counts.
To see with God's eyes: In spirit not because you are looking at it, means that you are seeing it.
In the name of God please learn to look to another human with God's eyes. To look with God's eyes is to look at any other human knowing for a fact, that every other human is somehow related to you. When you realize that personally, then you can say "Now I see." Regardless of how different you might look from each other on the outside, is a scientific fact that at the beginning, we all go back to the same point of origin, and that is the truth, and it is a scientific fact as well. Next time you look at any other human, remember that you are related to it, and that human is part of your family. You might think, "How is that possible? We look completely different? We even have different colors, and if God made us different like that, it was for a reason. You might say that, but remember that God and science they are one and the same, and the more we know, the more we realize how little we know. We are still far from knowing exactly where and what we really are. We are about a thousand years away from beginning to understand what we really are, as far as God told me.
God said to me, "What about if we start from the fact that you humans are in my home first, and when you accept that as a fact, then I will ask you: Where are you trying to go so fast?" God told me, "Today everything is in place for humans to have a Nation under God for real, and I want you to tell them that if they don't know me by now, they will never know me." God told me, "You have very bad memory, so remember the song that says, "If you don't know me by now, you will never, never know me. Can you remember that?" I said, "Yes I can." And I still remember that song, "Simple Red. If you don't know me by now." God said, "After all I have giving you, and cared for you, is disgraceful the way that some humans have become to make their living. Those are guilty for those atrocities happening in this country right now, and you are guilty for not doing anything about it, to stop those atrocities from ever happening in the first place." Remember, "Good people that don't vote are the ones who elect bad politicians. Your only excuse for that is that the voting system is rigged right now, and because is not an anonymous and transparent system, you can say that is not a democratic system."
God said, "It doesn't matter how much the rich have, but how little the ones on the opposite side have, I do care about that."
While in those forty days and forty nights I saw myself in a city, a big and old city called What-ever. That city was named after the meaning of God's name. The founder of that city was a man that as the story goes, he had talked to God, and God told to the founder of that city, that the meaning of God's name meant, "The one without a name." The name of God can take many forms and many sounds, but when a word refers to this creature that is greater than any human being, then something happens, and no matter what the word is, or what the sound might be, it has only one meaning, and the meaning is "The one without a name." and God knows when you are calling God. The God with no name is alive and God has two sides, one side you can call it the Father, and the other the son, and every single spirit has been made to God's spiritual image. Every spirit has two sides, one side has all the bad, and the other side all the good, and your spirit is right in the middle, so whatever you are, at the end, was what you chose to be.
As far as God told me, "When I gain consciousness of my own existence, and I was able to recognized myself as an individual, I don't know how long has passed since I was born, and maybe how many times I died and I was born again since the beginning of my existence. I have always wondered where I come from, but the truth is I don't know. The only thing I know is that I was all alone, and nobody was there to give me a name, that's why my name it means the one without a name, and more important than what my name may be, is the fact that I've been with you since you were born, and I'll be with you at the end of your life, and until eternity ends for you."
Democracy has happened many times before, and don't get me wrong when I say democracy, I mean a transparent system very inclusive with justice for all, where progress it happens almost as a byproduct, and where the arts and science bloom. Like I said, it has happened before naturally, and many times, and in many places.
I personally recall a time where I was living in that city called Whatever because once you entered this city whatever race you were, whatever color or whatever gender you were, and whatever profession you had, even no profession at all, as soon as you entered this city you were a citizen.
This city was an Oasis in the middle of the Dessert, a place where there it was order and it was inclusive, it was a very inclusive society. It was a place where whatever you looked like didn't matter. Whatever language you speak didn't matter. Whatever color you were didn't matter. Whatever gender you identified with didn't matter, as soon as you entered this City you were in sacred land.
This city had simple rules like, do not kill, do not steal, and do not lie. It was a city where the law of the land was the same one for everyone, and it was beautiful to be part of that city. Any work you made was a fear deal, and there it was a place for everyone; everybody had a place to stay; everybody had at least a plate of food a day, and clothes to wear. There was fun everywhere you go, and you had time to work, and time to play. There you could learn whatever you wanted to learn, because this city was a very well organized city, and as long as you made your part to keep it running, you enjoyed the joy of living in a democracy. It was a city so prosperous that the Kingdoms close by, and even lands far away they grew worried about this city. The kingdoms around saw this progress as a threat, and they thought that if the city kept growing in popularity, they will lose too many slaves to freedom. They thought that at the end that city will become too big and too powerful to the point that they had to do something about it. They decided that no city should grow that big and that fast, so they organized a gigantic army and destroyed the city calling it a city of Sin.
Know that the cities mentioned in the Bible as Sodom and Gomorrah were cities like this one. The Bible called this cities as places of great sin, but they were in all reality democratic societies, and people from all over were migrating to these places, and because of that they became enemies of Kings, enemies because these kingdoms were losing to many slaves to freedom.
This story has happened many times before in human history, here and there, different times but always the same story. A good King makes a good Kingdom, but never last, that's why empires have rise and they have fall. Today is different though, today if a democratic nation were to be born, will last at least for another thousand years.
Spiritual evolution does not happened at the same rate of physical evolution. Takes way longer for the spirit to reach the point of a higher understanding, and remember that you enter the Kingdom of Heavens in Spirit first, and don't forget that you are in Heaven, you are in the house of God.
God said to me, "Please don't call me Lord no more. Please! My name in English is God, and in Spanish my name is Dios."
As far as I know God told me, "Every time you die you come back to me, and every time you come back to me, I try to fix whatever was wrong with you. I try to give you another chance whenever possible, but now I can say with confidence that whatever happens on Earth after this moment on, is because you choose that to happen, and not because you were unable to understand it, know it or do it. From now on is your choice what counts, because whatever happens in this world, will happen because humans choose that to happen.
As far as God explained me, everything God could do to fix human spirits has been done already, and humans have everything they need today to make of this Earth whatever they wanted to be.
God said to me, "It is known that only a democracy will survive the test of time." so the decision is on your hands today, that's why I can say today that Judgment Day has begun, and it is spiritual judgment not physical judgment.
Let me explain to you what Judgment Day has begun means. Spiritual Judgment day means that God will no longer put up with this mutiny in his house, and God does not deal with hostage takers. A couple of years ago Judgment Day already begun, meaning that those bad souls will not come back ever again to any of God's Temples of Life, because God fixed them many, many times over, and over and over again they have come back to commit the same atrocities again and again.
God knows now for a fact that the choice of doing wrong was their choice, and not a physical mistake of God. God fix them so many times to the point where God is more than sure, that if something goes wrong is not God's fault, but the question remains because of Free Agency, and that question is hanging over the heads of white people today in America, today is their choice, and will be the final choice. If the good people of this country cannot be able to restore democracy once and for all, they are not worthy of democracy, because freedom is for the brave, and to be free doesn't mean to be the Slave Masters. Regardless of what it has been, and what it is today, is after this moment on time what you choose, what is going to happen tomorrow, and the question is: What is what you want to leave to your posterity?
The question in the name of God from me to you is: Are we ever going to be something better than a Mammal? Are we ever as humans going to be something better than an animal? When are we going to finally become awake in spirit as a race, the human race?
I am writing this Bible because I want to ask to the next president of this country in the name of God to stop at least the illegal trafficking of children into this country. It is pathetic that here in the United States of America, in this land, there is evidence of Human Trafficking. Unbelievable!
The future of the World at least the majority of this world's future is in the hands of this country The United States of America.
In the name of God the children always first! Stop under age prostitution here in the U.S., stop fucking children, stop fucking God in the ass! I tell you this, because this book is the last warning, the last spiritual warning you will ever receive.
In every Children there is life being born and is fragile, and it needs care otherwise it dies, but life does not end there. I can testify that life is very smart, and it does exist, and it wants you to exist as well. You as a human, you need to be whatever you think you are, and most likely because there is so many humans, there always will be at least one other person that feels just the way you do, and thinks the way you do, no one is alone on Earth. We all have the right to exist, and it is known that when Humans work together miracles do happen. They literally can move maintains.
To all the little ones out there, I tell you this in the name of God, "You are supposed to be the class of humans that worked the least amount of time ever in the history of this human kind, because humans have become extremely efficient to the point that peace would be possible, and the world could become one, and I say that because the world in which we live is already one.
In the name of God I tell you Little-ones that God told me, "In all reality you are on board of a beautiful self sustained Space-ship, and is traveling at the amazing velocity of Sixty six thousand and six miles per hour, that is 18.5 Mps. Tell your parents to show you how fast that is. Unfortunately most of the parents at least in the State of Utah have gone to republican controlled schools so they most likely don't have a clue about things that really matter. Let me tell you that this Earth is a Self sustained Space-ship and it does have a force field, is a magnetic force field that protects you from harmful rays present out in space, and is just unbelievable! Every living human being is something Unbelievable, and you little-ones, you are one of those amazing human beings. The future of humanity is always Humanity. This merciless system powered by war and destruction has finally become obsolete, and a new better and more humanitarian system is possible today.
If your nation is a democratic Nation, you should have nothing to worry about the future, because is the primarily mission of your nation to provide a future for all citizens. A true Democratic Nation brings peace to all who can take protection under their wings, and it brings about order, Justice, and prosperity for all, and what is good for the people, is good for the country. Go U.S.A. you can do it!
The People for the People as the constitution say: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish The Constitution for the United States of America."
You as an American: Are you loyal to the constitution of this country?
God is the one that created the Earth and the Heavens above, the one who knows a lot about everything there is to know, and God is alive, and God is big, really big, so big that if God was to get close to us, the Universe around us will be forever changed, and reality as we once knew it, will be gone in an instant.
That is what I would try to explain to my children. I would say to my children that there is something bigger than a human being, and we call it God, and is alive just like you and I, and we are connected somehow. God does exist. There is life all around us we just can't see it all, yet.
I don't want to convince you that God exist, and anyways there is such a thing as Free Will, and in all honesty as long you and I, are in the same ship, that there is a God or not is not that important, more important is keeping the ship afloat. I just want you to know that I really do believe in my mind, and in my heart that the dream I had was real. For sure it really happened to me, but at the end that dream is nothing but a dream. For me that dream and everything that happened on those forty days and forty nights was real. It happened at least in my mind, and nobody knew until now what was going on inside my heart and my mind. Inside of me there is the complete conviction that there is a living God, a being that cares about all of us, and I believe that this Earth is the garden of Eden-a sacred place where God walk among us, without causing any disturbance whatsoever, because God loves to play to be one of us, among us. We are God's children, and remember that where ever there is life God is there as well. In spirit you are not the children of your parents, your spirit was born out of God, God is your true Father, and your true Mother as well, and the love of God for its children is bigger than the love combined of every human on Earth put together.
You need to look and care about what is happening in your home planet. This planet is for sure the only Eden we will ever know.
You are inside of a Temple, a temple of life and you and I, are part of that life "Life for Life." Give life, and you will receive life. If you are not giving life back to life, there must be something wrong with you, but you can fix it, and let me remind you that this is your last chance.
God told me, "If humanity does not start taking immediate action to fix the problems with the planet and themselves, soon but not in less than ten years, humans will realize that it is too late to do something about it, and slowly humans will fade-away out into extinction. It may take a thousand years until the last hope of humanity is gone, but the moment will come. In the other hand if they elect a president willing to risk her life to defend the constitution, and she does bring Justice about, the promised thousand years of peace will became to pass.
Making sure that nobody skips the duty number one of any Citizen, and that is paying your taxes this country will bloom once again: "Make sure that you pay your taxes, because is your duty, and nobody should skip taxes, and the more you make the more you pay in taxes, the less you make the less you pay in taxes. Is always about keeping balance."
A Queen or King is a Nobel Spirit, and when the moment comes, is known that they will not hesitate to sacrifice even their life if necessary for the good of the People, people as in "We the People."
If you believe that there is a God, and even if you don't, is not required but hear this, and it makes a lot of sense. You can tell that by what God has told me, "Women are more than a man. Women are what I care for. I want women to live their lives to their fullest, and they are not the slaves of men. They all belong to God and you men should consider yourself lucky to even exist."
For this reason I choose Mrs. Hillary Clinton, as far I can see in spirit she is a Queen. I can see that much, and it doesn't matter what she says, what counts is what she will get done for the people, and who she considers to be the people. For what God told me, in the Spiritual world gender does not matter, but we men have to understand that there is a fact in history that it is very wrong. Let me explained: For ages woman by force has been submitted to be under the rule of a man. You can still see it in the Middle East. That is not what God ever intended.
Time for a little short story:
Long time ago in a Kingdom that existed long, long ago, there was a well organized kingdom, a kingdom where all the citizens were able to live life to the fullest. They were happy people, hard working people, and they took care of the sick, the old and the challenged. They took care of people in body and spirit and because of that they were prosperous. The people of this kingdom have been lucky to have four couples of Queen and Kings, four successions, and in all of them the King died from old age, but before the Queens, and the Queens in average have been in power just a bit more than the Kings. They believed that because of this balance, and equal rights for men and women, the kingdom has been blessed with prosperity, Justice, abundance of food, and a lot of love. End of the story.
If there were real equal rights for a man and a woman, then it should be about equal number of female presidents, as male presidents. That rule even applies in religion. If in spirit we are all equals, and we know if there is not natural equal numbers, is because there is something wrong, and that something wrong most of the times is the abuse of another human for personal profit, and is a fact that violence it is always involved.
I vote for Mrs. Hillary Clinton as a testimony that I do believe in Justice, and I do believe that she could bring about Justice for all, and I would like to tell her that God does bless Justice. To bring Justice about you need a Queen not a President, you need a Queen. It will be in her hands to a president or be a Queen. Free Agency, remember? Anyways even if she decides to become a Queen the people will have to give her unprecedented powers for her to be able to do something. The people will have to back her up electing a Hose of Representatives and a Senate that democratically works with her for the good of the nation.
How can a Democracy elect a Queen? Changing the constitution it is one way, the other way is giving a president as much power as democracy allows it.
Here in the US if you think that the corruption needs to end and things need to really change, but in peace and in an orderly manner, elect a Queen. In the name of Peace declare that the United States of America is a Republic and there is no other Queen or King in the land other than the Written Constitution of the United States of America. Even if you give to an elected President all the power that democracy can give to a president, that Queen or King will still bowed to the Constitution of the United States of America. The constitution cannot be just a piece of paper, it needs to have someone that can represent and defend in real time the Spirit of The Constitution of the United States of America.
The Spirit of The Constitution of the United States of America is expressed very clearly in a document made with the very strong fibers of a plant commonly known as Cannabis sativa-Marijuana-and if you try to read the whole thing it gets really complicated, but more important is to know the spirit of the constitution, remember the words written more than two thousand year at least, "Spirit over matter." The spirit of the Constitution is pretty much the will of the Founder Fathers, and when God talked to me I didn't even know that they were four of them, and God told me the message is four. The spirit of the constitution is clearly expressed on the document that gives the order to create a written constitution and it goes like this: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
If you have democracy I am telling you run a test to make sure that you still have democracy, defend the legacy of the Four Founder Fathers, People for the People. It is time to rock the boat. Pacifically and in an orderly manner rock the boat, to one side and if it doesn't work, rock the boat to the other side. The first side you need to rock the boat is to the democratic side. It is a fact that democrats have been more on the side of the people, an rocking the boat to the democratic side is turning every State as blue as blue as they can possibly be, and hopefully following the lead of Mrs. Hillary Clinton, or Mrs. Elizabeth Warren. If they endorse a candidate you elect them as simple as that, and turn this country as blue as the sky. That is the first thing I would do if you ask me, just as a test. Elect Mrs. Hillary Clinton, and rock the boat. First able as a way to bring Equal rights between a man and a Woman, gay or straight, white or black, and Equal pay for Equal work for Woman and man, gay or straight, black or white. Second, because to come out and defend the spirit of the constitution of the United States you need somebody with a lot of courage, America needs a Nancy Pelosi, and not a John Boehner.
Rock the boat in the most democratic way possible, and for that you need to make sure, and to reassure to the people that every vote was really counted, and you need to end the Gerrymandering. Elect people suggested by the elected President, and give them all the tools that you the People can democratically give to a president to fix the problems that so bluntly are affecting our nation, and you will turn that president into a Queen. Turn every State Blue for Peace, Justice and Prosperity, and to save the most precious cargo in this Space-ship called Earth, and that is the Children of this nation. At least allow them to grow away from war, feed them a plate of food with real food on it, and make them learn having fun and knowing that the future of this planet is in their hands.
Duties of a Queen here in America:
A Queen can address the whole country at least Four times a Year
Can choose up to four cases a year, and force the Supreme Court to take them, and vote on any or all of them if she choose too.
It can audit any Government Office State or Federal up to four organizations a year, and per state.
The power of a king or Queen in a Democracy is limited, but sufficient to know that the Constitution of the United States of America is not just a piece of paper, or a dead document.
Let me tell you a short story of a dream of mine:
"I had a dream where the People of the U.S. were so glad that they finally restore democracy in the United States, that they made an amendment on the Constitution saying "In the case that a couple of American citizens legally married here in the United States, and being the case that both have been Presidents of the United States of America, they both by Law will become legally Queen and King, and their Children will have Royal titles. Those titles come with specifics duties, and responsibilities, and every title it comes with a Tax that will go directly to the beneficiary. Every title must have a tax benefit for the Title Holder. (The law will say that every penny of every transaction will go to the Royal Family, and their primarily duty is to ensure that the constitution of the United States of America does not became just a dead piece of paper like it is today.) Finally no more Pennies, personally I think that coin is nothing but corruption, it should not exist.
In a personal way to protest against this coin, I have been seen throwing a few pennies to the streets, and sometimes I have thrown pennies in the garbage. I do that sometimes as a way to deal with my disappointment of knowing that I am a Slave, even here in the United States, and I am still a Slave. I have no rights and that makes me a Slave. So I throw pennies away. I tossed them in the air saying "Throw money away and more money will come your way."
May be it was nothing but a dream, "Just a dream, just a dream." That dream that I should've not taken so seriously but I did.
It was a dream that followed complete madness, as I recall, remember? I have lost my religion! By chances of life I got to be alone in a humble house. I fall in complete madness, I was seriously convinced that God has talking to me, and I was seriously convinced that God has spent forty days and forty nights talking to me. In my mind God was giving me understanding.
God said to me, "This understanding it comes directly from me and you should not speak about me with others until you are at least born in spirit." At one time my Adam's apple was given to me after my mental episode when I was in the Army and I attempted suicide. I was instructed by the, "Whisper in the wind," to read the Bible as any other book, but I should never lose my time reading The Apocalypse. The Apocalypse it was my Forbidden Fruit. I have never read the Apocalypse in my whole life not even once, and I hope I don't ever do read that spiritual atrocity. That part of the book does not belong to the Bible. The Bible is a very narrow testament about what a human experienced in life getting close to God, so in all reality instead of the Apocalypse it should be there people like Gandy, Buddha or Nelson Mandela. People for the people, even at the cost of their lives.
God and life as God told me, "God and life are two different things, but at the end they are one and the same, with the only difference that God is the beginning and the end of us and life is what gave birth to God.
God told me in one of those forty nights and forty days, that this Universe was a product of a collision of two atoms in space, atoms so big that they gave birth to time in a line that is a completely different, and it is so big that is moving really slow for us, slower than archaeological time, way slower than a cluster of Stars in space or a galaxy, but that collision gave birth to mass, and behind it produced what we see today as our Universe, the one we are part of, a vibrating collision of two Atoms. Two atoms that now are forming a bigger new atom, this new atom is formed now by a duality, where one side can be called The Mother, and the other the Daughter, just like your brain, and it does not matter where you come from, still this union is now forming a new bigger atom floating in true space, but still one atom. The God of today has been the God of yesterday, and the God that mankind has felt in their hearts, has been always by our side. That living God is the one that will give justice to all at last, because does keep God's promises. Those who love God or life they can feel that connection with something bigger than what they are, and it is a humbling experience to realize that life is bigger than what the Human mind can understand. God is the one that can lead us to the path that takes you to life, and God can truly translate life to you. Do not worry if you don't understand everything, you don't have to, life to us is like trying to explain to a dog the concept of Mathematics or believe that you have to understand everything that goes on inside your body for you to be alive.
The search for a better understanding is a blessing, and God and life have already blessed you many times, don't give up, and for those in that search for a better understanding of what life is, before they open their mouth I say this in the name of God and in the name of life to them, "To talk about life, you have to have lived a life first."
I can tell you this in the name of life or God, because it doesn't matter, at the end they are one and the same, and the connection is available for everyone who wants to open their spiritual eyes. When you open your spiritual eyes you need to realize that you are not a point in the Universe, you need to realize that you are the Universe at a point.
We, you and I are two different things, but at the end we are one and the same, and if you are alive you still have the chance to do something about it, at least try to fix it for the children of the world, please do so, make the connection, this connection with life is open to all of us all the time, remember God is freakishly close to you, and that connection is open 24/7.
Bless your food before you eat it, so that food can nourish your body as well as your spirit, bless your water before you drink it, so that water quench the thirst of your body as well as the thirst of your spirit. In the name of God I ask you to recognize the spiritual side of any living thing, and realize that in spirit there is no difference between male or female. In the name of God I'm asking you to remember the most important rule of all, "Spirit over Matter." It is more important to feed your spirit and quench the thirst of your spirit than feeding or satisfying the needs of your body.
You do not need to go to church to do that, remember that life always wants to make you better, and that life loves you.
I know that if really comes from God, I have nothing to fear. As God told me, "Walk with your spirit. Walk with your spiritual son leading the way, knowing that there is something like true feelings.
God told me, "Let the son lead the way, make him happy, let him be, believe in life, trust him, be there for your spiritual son, and don't let him forget that there is a line that should not be crossed, a line to respect, because life can end very easy and in many, many ways, even spiritually.
Imagine North as your face and where your eyes point at, and your back as the South, the one that carries the old and the wise. Let your spiritual North to lead the way, and let South take over in moments of danger and hard decisions. Your South is your spiritual mother or father, and North should be the son, and the son is the best of you. Some say "Choose the Right" Love your Religion because your Religion comes from God, and if something comes from God you have nothing to fear, and remember that Religion, is the way you want to love God, and there is many ways to love God. As long your religion is one with science, know that you are following life in the right direction.
Understand that to try to make a world where there is only one religion is like saying, "Let it be only one element in the Universe." None sense! Humans need only two things, one of them is to Grow and the other it is to multiply. To accomplish this mission you need every single hand available around the whole world to really accomplish that, and meaning accomplished not like the word accomplished by J. W. Bush, because words for him have really different meanings, don't get confused. In God's name I tell you that, "It is known that when humans work together in harmony, miracles do happen." What humans can achieve together is amazing, at the same time remember that as I am completely convinced that God spoke to me, and I want to share that with you, and I wish it brings to you what this dream brought to me, and that is nothing but blessings, and good things in my life, true blessings like the experience of being the one that have four children, and that all of them still call me Dad or Papa. I wish this book brings the blessing that you need, because when you read this book, I know the spirit will be there with you. It is good sometimes that somebody remind us of things like life and love, Nation and Democracy.
Love God and love life because if you are alive, God has already blessed you and gave you Life, and as you know if you are here is because life put you here, and life loves you. Life loves you with the love of something that it is so much greater of what humans are able to understand, not even all the love of a woman, and all the love of a man put together compare to the greatness of God's Love for you. Like I was saying, "I am convinced that I went crazy, but it hasn't happened again, and I am a Human convinced of something: I can tell you in the name of God that there is out there another human completely convinced of the opposite of what I believe, and those are the ones you need to be aware off." Remember Bad and good they multiplies, if you leave those souls out to rule a Nation, the bad will multiply so much that at the end the bad will destroy even a Nation as great as the United States, and it is known that bad is like The Trojan Horse, a little of bad can kill you, and like the Founders Father said "If America ends, it will happen from the inside." How can a Nation save itself from complete annihilation? Rock the Boat! Go 100% democratic and prepare this Nation to endure a democracy worth of the next thousand years, give birth to a system that can autocorrect itself on the fly, and a system that will not ended up drowning in hypocrisy. Today in the name of God I can tell you this, what I am saying is what God told me in those forty days and forty nights and God said to me, "Everything will be in place, for the birth of a democracy worth calling a democracy of the third millennia, a transparent system, the safest and most profitable system ever created and seen by human kind. You can recognize a true democracy when you can see people being able to walk on the streets feeling safe again, and with no fear of being smuggled, robbed, kidnapped or raped, or having their Identity stolen. Security is a blessing that I wish this Nation achieves."
God told me, "Everything it will be in place for the American People to steer this country where ever they want it to go, and the vote that counts is the vote among white voters only. In my belief this is the time that God wants me to deliver this "Bone to you." Chew on it, is all yours. Do you think possible that the thousand years of peace for the world could begin here in America?
That is what God told me twenty years ago, "Tell them that they will have a choice to make: Thousand Years of Peace? Or they can face their fate. That fate was chosen by a few, and imposed to the American people, and now all of them are at ten, as in the final countdown. This time I have put my foot down, my spiritual foot down, meaning this time is for real."
It is sad, no doubt about it, that after all this time I have come to realized how primitives we are, in essence we are just coming out of our caves, and we can do way better, today we can make the real comparison about what system is more profitable for a Nation, and by faith I say things will get better, and soon. I wish nothing bad for humanity, regardless it is not up to me to Judge, but is up to me to let you know in God's name that today a better country can be born, a country way better than the one you have right now is possible today.
Regardless if you believe in God or not, in a true nation everyone can find a place where to be and everyone can be what they really are as long they don't break the law. Everyone can be who they are without being afraid of getting killed for being who they are.
To tell you exactly how you could change the world in every step it would be ludicrous, because that is bigger than me, and I am not God, nor I do pretend to be, but I know this, and I can tell you to the best of my knowledge that there is a true way to face the "Future" and that future includes everyone, and we all be living in a life we can afford, we finally will have became as humans a self sufficient race. Self is a word you are going to be hearing a lot in the next decade at least, one of the most important decades in human history. The word "Self" is going to be very common as in Self driven cars, self sufficient communities. The cities of the future are self sustained, and those cities will be true temples of life, to the point that you will call them "Sacred."
Let me give you one example about how to start because is easy to point what is wrong, but different subject is to suggest a better option. This is my sincere opinion, and is a one solution that could work. Most important is the fact that I am trying to tell you this in God's name and it is spiritual.
Every subject in this story is a way to start a conversation In God's name about God, the God of today. What can we do today, to say that no matter what, you loved God first, at least you did the only thing that one person can do in a real democratic way, and that is to publicly, and openly say what you are against, otherwise you are with it. That is another reason why I want to publish this book, because here I put in writing what I am against, and I do opposed to any violation of human rights, especially like those that happened to Tamir Rice, I do opposed to exploitation, that systematic work exploitation by race going on here in the United States, because that is a way of Modern Slavery.
The solution to all this problems is possible, and instead of telling you how is going to happen, I can tell you how it will begin, and starts with a better voting system, and putting in place a smarter democracy, and the most important thing of all, a better future does start with the election of Mrs. Hillary Clinton as President and Commander and Chief, that is how it begins, and by faith I know that God will make her a Queen. Seize the moment, be one with God by faith, one more time.
Like I say it gets a bit complex, but here it goes one way to achieve many things, and became a way more efficient animal.
Right now you are building houses in a very smart way, but those houses are made out of dirt, garbage and trees. To keep building those houses you need about four Earth planets, and that way of building houses is not sustainable. We as humans have become to the realization that we live in an Island, an Island that if we overexploited we could bring extinction upon ourselves.
Mi idea of a house of the future is a house that is self-sufficient energy wise, and a house that not only could power the Air Conditioner, the kitchen, and all the lights and electronics of your house, is a house that could even charge your electric car, and it can produce as a by-product Hydrogen and Oxygen. This house I'm talking about must have a way to produce enough energy to power a whole house and when you are not using all the electricity that this house is able to produce, that electricity can be used to break water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, that why that house byproducts could power everything else, and not only that, that house will be build with the New Standards of the Third Millennia, and Construction Codes of the Third Millennia. The only house worth to be build at this moment is a house that could last a thousand years guarantied. The house of the future is a wise investment because it holds its value for a thousand years and not only that, it produces a positive energy flow. The house of the future will be always breaking water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. This Self-sustained house will break the water apart with any leftover energy that is not being used by your house. In a way every house will became a unit of power, and that power is what powers the whole city, and cities will power their country, and the countries will move the whole world. That way finally mankind will have all the energy they need and more. That house is possible today, and I have one idea to power that house, and as a General Contractor I would love to be part of a team in charge of achieving that goal, a Self-sustained Home that can last a thousand years. I think I have an engine that can power a normal residential Home. I am ninety percent sure of that, but not a hundred, anyways I know that with what we have available today we can build this house, and it could last for a thousand years anyways. This house is what could really change and power the world. There is a race going on right now, who becomes green energy independent, and green energy exporter, that country will be the winner. Can the U.S. win that race? I truly hope so. A better U.S.A. means a better South America, and a better World. God Bless The United States of America.
Once I stayed here in the United States long ago, and I stayed here in the name of God, and today I know that if no significant steps are made towards Justice and equality, I should leave the U.S., in a symbolic act where I say spiritually the United States does not have my blessing, and I should leave this land. In the other hand if I see that this country is doing something to fix the major injustices and inequalities, I should stay and bless this Land, turning this land one more time into Sacred Land.
To you my Heavenly Father by the love I have for you now and always. Thank you.
Thanks for all your blessings my dear God. Thanks for the gift of Life. Thanks you and I Love yah!

Remember that this is a pure Spiritual Book, that's why it is called a Bible, and to be a true bible, a true spiritual book needs to be based in truth. Everything in this book is true, it really happened to me, and it is my point of view, but what is really important is the spiritual context of this book.
Let me give you an example of spiritual context:
In the first chapter of this book I speak about a child barely opening his eyes to Life, and you get to see all the struggle that some kids have to go through in their life, profound experiences that we know that somewhere around the world are happening as we speak, and some children have to endure those experiences, and way, way worse experiences, and they have to live life that way like it or not, because there is nothing they can do about it. I think we could do something about it in God's name, I really do. Every chapter talks about the story of the spirit of a human being going throughout life, and becoming finally a mature spirit, one spirit that knows and understand at least the minimum that any spirit needs to know, in order to reach balance in life. What I have to testify is that when you reach that state of mind, there is a feeling that comes along with it, and many can testify that from that moment on you are not alone anymore in this Universe, because you realized that you are the Universe. Make your choice go and Vote. Good and bad multiply, choose what is going to be brewing next.
We are in God's home, God is a living evolving thing, and when it comes to intelligence God is something else, and somehow we came to existence because of that, and this very smart creature loves us dearly. For some reason it can feel what we are going through in every step of our lives, and it suffers when we suffer, is like we were entangled.
I feel connected to life, and I love the feeling of it. I believe that I have been alive before, learning to live life the right way once and for all. Spirituality is a step forward in evolution, and is not achieved all at once, just like knowledge, it has taking us millions of years to get where we are right now, and there is millions of hours of learning invested on us. It is time to reach the next plateau in human evolution and is not a physical change, this time the next step is spiritual evolution, a Spiritual Revolution.
It is great to know that science says, "We all humans are related, and it all depends on how far back you go in human ancestry to find that common ancestor." That fact has been confirmed by science, and it is a hard scientific fact. That is the way that God wants you to call your neighbor, from far to close and close to far no matter who, realize that you are one and the same.
"Do on to others as you would've done to yourself." I do believe in a better future, and I wish and I believe that the "Future" begins here in the United States.
Let me tell you that God is that thing that for some reason is keeping the odds of survival on our favor. That is the only trace and evidence that you could physically find right now of God. God is the wildest of all, and God in general, God trust no one.

And I finish this modern-times Bible with the two main messages of this Bible.